I Really, Really, Need Your Help In Achieving These Two Personal Goals in 2019

Losing weight and writing a book. These are two personal goals I really, really, need your help with in 2019.

Pourquoi? 1. Because I’m so sick of being overweight; and 2. Because I really, really want to write a book.

Specifically, I want to lose 40 pounds and more specifically, I want to write a book about the HER-story of postpartum depression, sort of a cross between a memoir and the history of postpartum depression/maternal mental illness.

I’ve been wanting to lose weight ever since I started gaining weight after the birth of my second daughter, four years ago, and I’ve been wanting to write a book for the past couple years after finally getting my shit together, mentally. (I think. I hope.)

But… I haven’t been able to accomplish either goal yet and I don’t know why. Perhaps the timing wasn’t right or perhaps I lacked the accountability and motivation.

Probably both.

So, going forward, in 2019, I’ve decided to provide myself with accountability by blogging about my pursuit of these two goals, in that, I mean I’m going to hold you, my readers, accountable for holding me accountable just by reading my blog and (hopefully) offering me some encouraging words and advice (as long as it doesn’t involve selling me a shake, workout program, or self-publishing package).

I’ve already got all I need to reach my goal of losing weight – a Fitbit, a treadmill, and some weights. I’m also a nutritionist and trained yoga instructor so I know about food and workout routines. All I’m lacking (and it’s a lot) is will power and consistency.

As for writing a book, well, I think I need a plan. I need a plan to get me from page one to page done. I’ll worry about how I’m going to publish it later. I’m a journalist so I’ve got the writing part down pat, except when it comes to writing a book. Articles and novels are two different beasts. I think. I don’t know. If I knew what I was doing, I guess I would have started already.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m stuck.

Where the heck am I going to get will power, consistency, and a plan?

And so, now, over to you my fine feathered friends – what are your goals for 2019? How do you plan on achieving them?

Enlighten me.


12 thoughts on “I Really, Really, Need Your Help In Achieving These Two Personal Goals in 2019

  1. pocogal says:

    Hi Patricia! You and I have crossed Twitter paths before and are similar, I believe: We are writers with small kids, trying to find time to write. I recently lost 38 lbs after thyroid cancer + two kids, and the billion life challenges that come along with all that. I need to find the time to write and continue to strive for health and weight goals. You are writing about postpartum mental health, and I believe I had undiagnosed PPA (in 2012 no one said “postpartum anxiety,” only “depression,” so the label didn’t work for my symptoms so I thought that couldn’t be it). Anyway, if you want to pick my brain, we can chat and maybe help each other reach our goals on different sides of the country.

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      • pocogal says:

        Accountability is such a big part of reaching goals! I was checking in with my doctor and using the myfitnesspal app to log food and exercise (that really helped, I can’t tell you how much! That’s my first tip for you, if you haven’t tried it, download it). It’s helped me get almost all the way to my weight goal. As for what I want to write about, well, I thought you and I had so much of the same going on we should get to know each other, but also the accountability thing, and as for what I want to write about … well that’s a big ol’ can of worms, since there are literally SO MANY THINGS! I might have to schedule writing time the way I schedule exercise time now (although I’m not sure that would work? Have you done that? Because I feel as if I should write when the mood strikes, and forcing yourself to do it isn’t always inspiring)?


  2. msbuttigieg says:

    I’ve decided that this is the year to finish my novel! My plan is to have the first draft by March, and then rewrites by June so I can have my beta reading done and polished by September. It’s challenging to fit it all in with the kiddo and f/t work, but I’m going to do it, and I’m grateful that I can. And with your skills and experience, I have no doubt you will too.


  3. Wendy Karas says:

    Hello Patricia. Awesome tasks for 2019. My hubby self published 4 books during his career which really was an excellent business card to hand out to prospective clients
    A) He found that writing in trade journal and news magazine articles/blogging into chapter format allowed him to eat the elephant in small pieces. This allowed him to prepare for the release of the whole book
    B) He received endorsements from peers and colleagues in the industry/ influencers and listed them as reviewers of his book prior release
    C) in Craighurst there is an excellent program ongoing to become fit with a support group and facility for training as well as yoga classes.
    Michelle Reichart info@believetransform.com
    D) The one thing I made sure of raising our 3 daughters in the 70s 80s and 90s in Barrie, was to seek out regular care for them. Even though I worked at home for the first 10 years it was seriously important for my own well being to be away , fit and networking during the week.

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  4. dyane says:

    I LOVE your book idea, Patricia — that’s original and awesome. I *know* you will do an amazing job! (If you’ll have me, I’ll endorse it. When the time comes, I’ll promote the 💩 out of it!)

    I’m back on Twitter after my 2+ week hiatus so I’ll keep track of your progress and encourage you. ❤️

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    • patriciatomasiblog says:

      Dyane!!!! I missed you so much. Glad you were able to take a break but happy to see you back on social media! Yes of course, I would love to have you endorse it, I’d be so honoured! Ok, that’s more incentive to get working on it… catch ya on Twitter…. 🙂


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