Here are articles on maternal mental health I’ve written for HuffPost Canada.

June 2018

Canada funds postpartum depression abroad, but lags at home

Mental illness after miscarriage is common, but women aren’t getting support

May 2018

First-ever postpartum depression drug ‘Brexanolone’ could be life-changing for new moms

6 ways Canada is failing moms with maternal mental illnesses

April 2018

Charlize Theron’s movie ‘Tully’ angers maternal mental health advocates

Giving birth can be ‘terrifying’. A British Columbia study could finally help

March 2018

5 countries that are way better to give birth in than Canada

February 2018

Moms with postpartum depression keep getting reported to child services

January 2018

Maternal mental health is being left out of Bell Let’s Talk

Canada is lagging on perinatal depression screening, advocates say

A mom with postpartum depression asked for help. Her nurse called the cops

November 2017

Why online therapy for postpartum depression is gaining momentum

Ontario’s new psychotherapy funding still doesn’t address some big issues

May 2017

Online therapy for postpartum depression makes the most sense

April 2017

A massive postpartum depression study has just opened in Canada

Canada make take part in largest postpartum depression study

January 2017

Just another day in the life of an anxiety disorder

November 2016

Study on antidepressants and pregnancy is first of its kind 

June 2016

Did I actually have postpartum bipolar disorder?

May 2016

In the digital age, I’m no longer alone in my postpartum depression

A mental ward is no place for moms with postpartum depression

I dream of a day all mothers are entitled to PPD rehab

April 2016

Canada needs to prioritize a national postpartum depression strategy

March 2016

Homegrown mom group helps combat postpartum depression

February 2016

Postpartum depression isn’t normal, it’s complicated

December 2015

Is Kim right? Would eating my placenta have stopped my postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression awareness will make strides in 2016

November 2015

Postpartum depression and weaning: What you need to know

On a quest to understand why I have postpartum depression